SpotOn Balance Glasses offer an innovative, non-invasive treatment for balance disorders, including dizziness, vertigo and unsteadiness. Using a groundbreaking technology developed by SpotOn, each patient goes through a comprehensive, personal adjustment process. At the end of the process, patients get their own personalized pair of glasses. The innovation behind the glasses lies in the scientific discovery that positioning unique Neuro Balance Active spots on the patient’s peripheral vision, impacts the human balance system, significantly improving or completely reducing symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, and unsteadiness.

The human vision has two parts: Focused vision and peripheral vision.  The peripheral vision plays an important role in our motion and perception of movement.  Studies indicate that unique spots, placed in the peripheral vision, impact many functions in the human balance system. Placing specific, personally adjusted, visual stimuli, to these areas, affects the way we process data related to our balance system, resulting in significant to complete reduction of dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness and related symptoms.

You should expect to experience a significant to complete reduction of dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness and related symptoms. This means you are likely to, once again, stand and walk steadily, feel independent, function both socially and professionally and enjoy the ability to make plans.

We recommend wearing the glasses as much as possible, especially during times you usually experience some difficulty. However, you can take off the glasses as you please. Putting the glasses on again will restore the relief in symptoms. 

The effect of the glasses is immediate, and no practice is required. People that are not used to wearing glasses might feel some slight discomfort due to the new feeling of wearing glasses. That feeling should pass within a few days.   

Yes. The treatment is non-invasive. It was proven to be safe and without side effects in clinical trials.

During the adjustment meeting we evaluate how well the glasses fit you and the symptoms you are experiencing. In any case of feeling discomfort, please remove the glasses and contact us at: +972 3 7288383

The glasses are suitable for patients suffering from imbalance disorders, including dizziness, vertigo and unsteadiness, due to inner ear imbalance issues (vestibular system), brain injuries (because of severe trauma, car accident or stroke) or due to Parkinson disease. The glasses are also suitable to patients suffering from these symptoms with no apparent reason. 

No. The spots are tiny, only a few millimeters in size, and are transparent. Also, they are located in the peripheral area of the lenses so they won’t affect your eye-sight and won’t be visible by your surroundings.

No. You would look like any other person wearing glasses. The spots are printed on fashionable frames, so your surroundings will view you as any other person wearing glasses.

Yes. The spots are placed on your glasses with the patient’s optic prescription. In case you don’t have one, they will be placed on no-prescription glasses (Zero Power Glasses).

Yes. SpotOn provides another identical pair of glasses for back up.

Yes. In a clinical trial held at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba by prof. Carlos Gordon, 67% of patients demonstrated a significant to complete reduction of dizziness, imbalance, and related symptoms, while wearing the SpotOn Balance glasses. Additionally, a decrease in levels of anxiety, as well as an improvement in day to day functions were noted due to the treatment.

The cost varies depending on the patient’s personal treatment protocol. The treatment protocol is determined at the initial consultation meeting, according to each patient’s specific needs. The initial consultation meeting is free of charge. 

The SpotOn Balance glasses adjustment process is a very simple one:
  • Contacting the SpotOn Balance Center (+972 3 7288383)
  • Initial consultation meeting – The consultation is free of charge, with no further obligation
  • A few diagnosis and adjustment meetings that include:
    • A thorough review of your medical history – If you haven’t yet gone through a medical exam, we would be happy to refer you to a specialist.
    • Determining your personal treatment protocol
    • Conducting a series of performance tests using different sensors and advanced sensor-based equipment to map the location of the spots that best fits your needs
    • Choosing a frame for your SpotOn Balance glasses

The adjustment process takes place at the SpotOn Balance center: 5 Haarad St, floor 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

For more information and to schedule an initial consultation meeting please contact us or call +972 3 7288383. The consultation is free of charge, with no further obligation.