I am much more stable and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I regained my confidence in running day to day activities

Rachel from Rishon Letziyon

I couldn’t turn my head to someone who was talking to me without getting dizzy. The minute I received the glasses, things improved and I no longer need to lean on anybody, I could walk alone. This literally changed my life, it means the world to me, I don’t live in a cage anymore!

Truce from the Netherlands

I feel my head is calm, my eyes are calm. I have self confidence and can make sharp movements, which is something I couldn’t do before the treatment.

Osnat from Ashdod

Coming to you changed my life. I didn’t imaging for profound the change is going to be. I feel like I got my life back.

Eti from Ra'anana

We had to walk behind my father all the time, to make sure he doesn’t fall. He was extremely insecure. Now he climbs the stars, walks freely around the house and garden. He is stable and much more confident and there are no side effects!

Chaim from Ramat Gan

I am a very active, dominant women and all of a sudden I was neutralized. Once I started wearing the SpotOn Balance glasses I felt completely stable and balanced and I thank those who chose me to win and live happily with these glasses.

Rina from Ra'anana

I can go to the mall again, I can exercise, things that I wouldn’t dare before, It was scary. Today, my body is balanced. I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like to get all of this back

Ruth from Kfar Saba

Ever since the treatment, I am a new man. I don't need to lean on walls or on my wife.

Mordechay from Rishon Letziyon

I feel a lot more stable, I don’t swing to the sides and I am feeling much better. It works, in real time!

Yigal from Rosh Ha'ayin